PT. Equinox Bahari Utama (EBU) strives to maintain the highest standard for the training and skills of its crewmember. Towards this end, the annual in-house training is held to train the crewmember in partnership with the Indonesian Seafarer Union (KPI). This year the main focus will be the psychological safety in which 4 (four) different workshops will be delivered: Hand safety, Reverse Toolbox Talk, Psychological safety and Healthy lifestyle.

“Seafarers, at the heart of our business”, means that the whole idea for the training is not to tell people what and how to do it but by asking some questions see how the team will perform the task in a safe manner and sharing best practises more in line with reflective learning as a Leadership Behaviours. This behaviors will help us to improve collaboration, build strong teams and sustain a leading safety culture company, by strengthening human capital within the organization and the fleet.

The training was successfully conducted at beautiful city of Jogjakarta on 24th of October with total of 50 crewmembers were participating from different Principals of PT. EBU. I thank to all the parties, from committee, KPI, crewmember, and all the stakeholders, who had contributed positively to make this annual conference a success.

EBU, be number one!