On 10th of November 2022 at Yeosu, South Korea, our HR Strategic Marine, M. Fajar visited the Coral Acropora, the vessel just arrived at anchorage. On board together with Chief Officer Febri Ariza Wijaya. The goal of the visit was to see our crew members and share/give training sailing on Ethylene Carrier.

The vessel just after out from dry dock in Nantong, China and still does the purging of the cargo tanks to Nitrogen. The plan of the vessel was after finish purging operation, will continue with gassing up, cooling down and end up with loads of cargo Ethylene.

From Yeosu, South Korea vessel went to Tianjin, China. Nice to sail again on vessel sailed Asian area trade. While on board I have seen a lot of familiar faces (especially Captain Hans Semeins) and also met some new people as well.

Our HR Strategic Marine, M. Fajar on behalf Equinox Shipping Group would like to say thank you for crews and Captain for hospitality. We know they were busy due to the vessel just out of dry dock. In total spent time on board for more or less 22 days.