Plastic is a chemical compound that is difficult to decompose and takes tens to hundreds of years for plastic to decompose. During this period, plastics that have become waste, are broken down into microplastics and are not handled and become a threat that endangers living things and the environment. Studies show that Indonesia is the second largest contributor of plastic waste to the sea by producing 1.3 million tons per year.

One of the handling of single-use plastic waste is through the implementation of local government regulations to limit the use of single-use plastics. Currently, there are 34 cities/districts/provinces that have implemented this regulation, including the DKI Jakarta Province, Semarang City, Balikpapan City, Bekasi City, Bogor City, Bali Province, and Banjarmasin City.

The “Ban the Big 5” campaign, which prohibits the use of the 5 largest plastic products including Styrofoam, single-use plastic, plastic straws, sachet packaging, and microbeads.”