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Crew Management

We manage and coordinate the complete process of crew change and have a variety of specialised professionals that possess the qualifications, ranging from bosun, to lead deckhand and deckhand to helmsman and captain. We arrange all aspects governed by legislation and regulations, insurance, staff management and administration, salaries and social contributions. We use our decade experiences in maritime industry in order to satisfy our clients’ requirement for crew members and bring potential new employees to your attention.


Our Service

Recruitment, Training, And Development

We have expertise in the search for skilled professionals, offering temporary and permanent solutions. Be proactive in following up feedback received from crew member’s evaluation report, is how we do care with crew members’ career path and client satisfaction. We have our dedicated support team who will escalate crew member performance from poor to average, average to high and maintaining the high level standard.


Our Service

Payroll Management

The administration of payroll can be surprisingly challenging, both at home and overseas, with no two countries the same. Managing payroll in one or multiple jurisdictions, can be a difficult, resource draining task that soaks up hundreds of hours of time in interpreting legislation, complying with local rules, regulations and documentations. We have our dedicated payroll experts team who are aware of the local legislation and also can assist the crew income tax calculation and related facilitations, when required as per client’s requirement.