In late of February 2024 Equinox Shipping Group conduct a medical check up for all employees collaborate with Jakarta Medical Center Hospital. One of the main issues that were informed was related to Hypertention, in regards the Jakarta Medical Center Hospital again collaborate with HR to facilite a health talk show for all employees.

Located in Equinox Shipping Group Ofiice at Globe building we welcome Prof. Dr. dr. Lucky Aziza Bawazier, Sp.PD-KGH., FACP., FINASIM., SH., MH as the speaker. It is an honor to have her with us. She has a profesional and prsetigious background, she brings out insights from profesional perspective for the issues and how to manage the problems and also given direct solutions that can be easily comprehend by all staffs. Equinox Shipping Group aiming to give the best for the employees, the event was designed for employees to sensitize and educate about issues that affect their health.

Enthusiasm was shown troughout the talk shows event, questions were asked by many of the staffs, which exceeding the durations of the event. This shows how important it is for the people to be given the opportuinities to attend this kind of event, bringing awareness and providing information and solution.

This will not be the last event we inisiated, there will be more to come. We are going to focus on differing perspectives in respect to important issues in employment necesities or other popular areas.

Looking forward to our next talk show events.