PT EQUINOX SHIPPING GROUP distributed donations to help earthquake victims which recently happen in Cianjur, West Java, on Monday (21/11). This activity is a commitment and a exist of PT EQUINOX SHIPPING GROUP's concern to actively help people affected by the earthquake.

For information data released by the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB), the earthquake which destroyed thousands of buildings in Cianjur caused more than 58 thousand people to flee, more than 1,000 people were injured, and resulted in more than 300 fatalities.

PT EQUINOX SHIPPING GROUP held a donation handover event which included Mrs. Indah Yulianti, Director Group HR Corporate & Legal, Management of PT EQUINOX SHIPPING GROUP, Mrs. Meila Zurni, HR Department, Mr Dion Ragil Saputra, QHSE Manager and Mrs. Dian, Representative from DMC Dompet Dhuafa (12/9).

"The entire family of PT EQUINOX SHIPPING GROUP expresses deep condolences for all the earthquake victims and hopes that the victims will be given strength, and be able to rise stronger from this difficult condition."

PT EQUINOX SHIPPING GROUP also say thanks to all employees and board of directors of PT EQUINOX Shipping Group for the donations that have been given, Hopefully the assistance from all employees and board of directors of PT EQUINOX SHIPPING GROUP can help the victims affected by the disaster and hope that this incident will pass soon and Cianjur city can recover soon and return to their normal activities.