PT EQUINOX Shipping Group had the opportunity to be visited by members of the Sekolah Alam Indonesia (SAI) Depok on December 9, 2022.

This visit is in the framework of Fundraising activities for the Way Kambas Outing Experience activity which will be carried out from 27 February to 4 March 2023 by the Depok members of the Sekolah Alam Indonesia (SIA).

This event has been organized by several companies and on December 9, 2022 PT EQUINOX SHIPPING GROUP had the opportunity to also meet the members of the Sekolah Alam Indonesia (SIA) Depok to give presentations and plan activities to be carried out in Way Kambas - Lampung.

Fund raising activities at the PT EQUINOX Shipping Group office consist of: Opening of the Indonesian Nature School (SIA) Depok younger siblings, presentation of activities carried out directly by children from the Sekolah Alam Indonesia (SIA) Depok, ice breaking, and selling food, drinks and handmade bags.

The main purpose of the Way Kambas Outing Experience is to hold activities that care about the preservation of living things, especially the preservation of the Sumatran Rhinoceros, Sumatran Elephants and beaches in Way Kambas National Park, as well as care for Lampung culture, and care for the surrounding community through The River Forest Environment Hero & The Waykambas Outing Experience.

Apart from the above objectives, the Way Kambas Outing Experience activities are for: instill a spirit of concern for the preservation of living things from an early age, introducing students to the natural environment and all its challenges, practicing independence, courage, and togetherness in facing problems, cultivate leadership and self-discipline, and fostering a sense of sharing between social beings.