Silaturahmi (social gathering) is a platform where all human beings can get to know each other and improve relationships among people. It is also a place where everyone gathers to foster togetherness. Therefore, PSU Group held a Halal Bihalal event on May 3, 2024. The event, themed "Build Togetherness, Spread Kindness, and Forgive Each Other on a Blessed Day," took place at RA Suites Simatupang, South Jakarta.

At this event, PSU Group organized the Halal Bihalal to provide a platform for every employee to socialize with their colleagues. Building silaturahmi is very important to continue fostering togetherness and strengthen solidarity among colleagues. Additionally, with the theme of "Middle East" costumes, this event became even more interesting and made all participants enthusiastic.

Accompanied by a band and an MC who made the atmosphere lively, the event also featured engaging activities, such as a stand-up comedy performance by Mr. David Apriyadi (Agency Department) in front of all participants, a song performance of "Mohon Ampun" by GIGI by Mr. Nala Budi Satria (Controller Department), and a performance by all Cadets singing "Heal The World" by Michael Jackson.

To close this event, PSU Group gave out attractive prizes and souvenirs to the winners of the Best Costume contest, employees and Cadets who gave the best performances, and all PSU Group employees who attended and enlivened the event.

With the successful implementation of this Halal Bihalal event, it is hoped that all PSU Group colleagues will become more solid, togetherness will be further maintained, and silaturahmi will continue to flourish. The entire organizing committee would like to thank all PSU Group employees who attended and participated in making the event lively and to all parties who supported the smooth running of this event.

See you at the next event!